About Us

About Us


About Our School


BigTyme Sports Preparatory Academy is the merging of two strong passions of our founders, Shelmon Smith and Michael Bables: education and athletics. Our owners believe that the greatest way to make it in this world is to educate yourself so that you can be prepared to work through and figure out whatever comes up in your world.



BigTyme Sports has been a company of high level youth basketball. Led by Michael Bables, a professional athlete and highly sought after coach, BigTyme has played a major part in getting over 30 athletes full-ride scholarships to college.


Our academics, led by Shelmon Smith, a TEA certified teacher and principal, is a self-paced and individualized curriculum that allows students to work through full middle school and high school courses as fast or as slow as they need to fully grasp whatever concept they are working on. Our accredited learning program, Edgenuity, is used by the majority of major school districts in the DFW, and used all over the nation to help students get credits AND knowledge quickly.


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